What training should I follow to master the techniques of eyelash extension application?

Men and women who wish to acquire all the techniques and secrets of eyelash extension application can of course register with the specialized centres offering training in the art of eyelash extension and the eye. Whatever your level, these institutions provide apprentices with several levels of training to help them master the application of eyelash extensions perfectly and, of course, become an expert in the eye.

Opt for the appropriate training for a perfect control of the installation of the extensions

First, the installation of eyelash extensions is one of the modules offered by beauty training centres. Therefore, throughout the training provided by experienced trainers, apprentices will be able to acquire all the basic techniques of eyelash extension application. Moreover, these apprentices can use these techniques for natural eyelashes based on the morphology of the client's eyes. Of course, the extensions must be placed one by one with great precision and finesse in order to highlight the look of the latter. In general, this type of training lasts about two days or more. On the other hand, thanks to the training in eyelash extension, apprentices will be able to learn to respect certain hygiene measures so that the delicate skin of the eyelids is well protected. The trainers will also teach the apprentices to better choose the right eyelash extension product to use, such as hypoallergenic products, so that customers can keep their star look for a few weeks, while being protected from allergic reactions. The same applies to the use of eyelash extension materials, in this case adhesives to ensure good adhesion of extensions and which must also be hypoallergenic, protective pads, and many others.

A training that is divided into 2 parts

For apprentices to acquire all the techniques of eyelash extension application and to better understand the basics of services, the trainers decided to divide the training into 2 main parts, including the theoretical and practical part. Theoretical practice is mainly devoted to the detailed discovery of the different typologies and quality of lashes. At the same time, the apprentices will also learn more about the morphology of the gaze through theory. So, mastering all these details will allow apprentices to better guide their clients on the choice of length and size of extensions to create a kind of morphological styling, all for a well-enhanced look with a natural and stylized look. As for the practical part, it is the most important part of the training. The apprentices will therefore carry out the first eyelash extensions on real models. They will therefore highlight everything they have learned during the theoretical part. Indeed, these apprentices will be assisted and accompanied by expert trainers who will validate the smooth running of the session. Prestige certificates will be awarded to all learners who have successfully completed the practice stage. It is obviously these certificates that will allow apprentices to enter the profession of technician specialized in eyelash extension.

The importance of following eyelash extension training

Long before becoming an experienced eyelash extension technician, training in this field is a must. Of course, throughout the training session, the apprentices will learn all the fundamental techniques of eyelash extension. In this way, they will be able to become true eye beauticians since they will learn to personalize and adapt the training according to the morphology of the face, eyes and eyelashes of the clients. However, before choosing a centre that offers this type of training, you must first know your level in the field. If you are still a beginner, it would be better to take a beginner's course, or more precisely an eyelash to eyelash course. If you already know some basics about eyelash extension application, you can look for an intermediate level training that will allow you to learn Russian volume eyelash extension techniques, etc. If you are already experienced in the field, it is best to learn directly how to deepen the contouring.  
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