How to get free beauty products?

It is quite possible to obtain beauty products free of charge. To do this, it is enough to test these products and then give your opinion, after use, to the companies that produce these cosmetic products. But from whom and where can I find information on this very interesting subject?

From department stores

In department stores, there are often promotions in cosmetic departments. To find out in which stores these promotions will be held, it is advisable to consult local newspapers and online sites. The seller will explain in detail the product in question to you and will encourage you to buy it. But your goal is to get beauty products for free. To achieve your goals, you must then use deception. Don't be in a hurry and let the seller finish explaining. You will then ask him in a polite and courteous way, always with a smile, that you are really tempted by his products but to decide to really buy it you want to try it first. That's when you ask him for free samples. It may satisfy you or not, but always remain very polite.

Use the coupons

The Sunday newspaper is the best way to find make-up coupons. Cut these coupons off and pay close attention to expiry dates. In addition to the Sunday newspaper, it is quite possible to have cosmetic products such as lipsticks, shampoos, by going to websites that offer coupons, is an example. Then print all the coupons you have found. It is quite possible to consult these sites regularly to get new coupons. Just like those retrieved from the Sunday newspaper, attention must also be paid to the expiry date. To get free lipsticks, blushes, glosses, etc., you can also check the local ads, once you have the right beauty coupons.

Hunting online

To obtain free beauty products, it is quite possible to search the Internet. Indeed, some sites offer Internet users the opportunity to test various cosmetic products on condition that they give their opinion afterwards. But it is necessary to know in advance which sites are consulted. You can then see these offers in sites such as Walmart, Target Sample, Sephora, Ulta, ...
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