How to match your clothes and jewellery?

To make an outfit unique or to enhance its look, it is always useful to add a touch of trendy jewellery. But not all jewellery necessarily goes with all outfits and morphologies. It is then necessary to know absolutely the trendy jewel that suits us.

Consider your morphology and facial features

The focal point of an outfit or your silhouette is the point towards which you want others to look. Jewellery can then help you achieve this goal. To do this, it is necessary to look closely at the size of each room and the general layout of the accessories. It is possible to try to superimpose female necklaces, which will ideally suit an outfit, but only if the visual effect produced on your body is not "weighing". You should also take a close look at the length of your women's necklaces. In addition, you must be careful with your earrings. They should not be too large or too heavy. If this is the case, the focus will be mainly on your ears.

Trendy jewellery in accordance with the context

Nowadays, fashion rules are no longer very strict. It is then allowed to wear trendy costume jewellery, such as a necklace with crystals, even at work. But it is important to choose the day and time to wear this kind of jewellery in this kind of setting. If, for example, you wear this type of collar during a meeting where you must argue a project, your collar will only bother you because it will only distract the audience. Similarly, you must consider the importance of the tone and atmosphere that emanates from your outfit and jewellery. For example, everyday floral jewellery combined with a black silk evening dress may not be a good mix. If you would like more ideas and tips, feel free to visit

A little tip to apply essential

Of course, the purpose of wearing trendy jewellery is to add value to your outfit. In search of truly unique and unusual pieces, a wide range of vintage or vintage-inspired clothing and accessories are available on the market (Click here).  Before leaving the house, you must look in the mirror. Even if the trend in the world of jewellery is multiplication, we must not fall into over-accessibility. On the contrary, it is necessary to consider the masterpiece or masterpieces that form the focal point of an outfit and match your jewellery in this sense.
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