How do you style an oversized hoodie?

oversized hoodie

Hoodies provide you with endless comfort but wearing a hoodie wrongly can make you look like a slacker. If you have an oversized hoodie, you should know that there are a few ways that you can wear it without looking sloppy. With this, you can wear the hoodie comfortably and still look fashionable. Read more here to know how to style your oversized hoodies.

Play with Colours

One way of styling oversized men and women hoodies is by playing with the different colours. Going for the monochromatic look can help you look fashionable while enjoying the comfort of the hoodie. If you are a lady, you can consider wearing your oversized hoodie with a grey skirt. This is a trendy look that’s also easy to work with. With such a colour combination, you get to achieve a sports suit look. On the other hand, if you have different textures like cotton and velvet, you can achieve a more interesting look. This enables you to get a more relaxed look that’s also bold. Furthermore, you can opt to go for such a look with women graphic hoodies. Using the lighter shades for the monochromatic look enables you to look more chilled. Some colours to consider include camel, coffee, mocha, amongst other shades. Using these shades even with men hoodies can give you an expensive and chic look. When using the pastel palette women hoodies can provide you with a more feminine touch.

Use Different Accessories

Besides using colours to freshen up your look, you can also consider wearing different accessories with your men graphic hoodies. This not only enables you to elevate your look but also ensures that you can put the hoodie to good use. The different accessories to consider for your oversized hoodie include bags, bracelets, watches, pins, and hats. All of these are ideal solutions if you want to add a little sparkle. If you have a structured bag, you can easily end up making your ensemble classer. Consider opting between a clutch, a leather briefcase, or even a slim handbag. You can also accessorize with a backpack too. It provides you with a more laid-back look. However, when accessorizing your oversized hoodie, it's advisable to keep all your accessories small. For example, when wearing a hat, you should go for a street wear look rather than a baseball cap. This can work with both men and ladies. You can as well try wearing out your oversized hoodie with a fedora. A simple but well put together look goes a long way. Ensure your accessories go hand in hand with your outfit in terms of matching. Also the colours you choose should complement each other or. All these options can work together to give you a unique and fashionable appeal.

Add More Layers

You can wear your oversized hoodie under a blazer or a coat to provide you with a more classic look. If you want to add some bad guy or girl flair, you can try to wear the hoodie with a biker jacket. This can also give you a unique edgy finish. On the other hand, using a trench coat can provide you with a sophisticated look especially when you are out during a chilly night. Another idea to use with the oversized hoodie is using a bomber or even a suede or denim jacket. This can help you add some contrast texture and colours to your ensemble. It also provides you with a cool appearance. When beginning to add more layers to the oversized hoodie, you should begin with a light tee. After this, you can don on a long shirt, your hoodie, some jeans and any outwear. In case you don’t want to be too hot, you can choose thinner materials for your tee and shirt. You can as well accessorize your women graphic hoodies with a beanie and some boots.

Crop the Hoodie

Another little hack for your oversized hoodie is to crop it. If you think it looks too baggy on you, you might as well get the most out of it. Cropping the hoodie enables you to stand out and have a unique design. Before slicing away, you should look through the different cropped options. This can help you understand what it is that you would want of the hoodie. It can also enable you to know the different designs that you can work with. For example, you can crop the midriffs and wear the hoodie over your high waist jeans. You can as well try wearing your cropped hoodie with your pair of office-ready trousers.

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