How to dress when you’re round?

Having an O-shaped morphology, or being round, is a disappointment for some. As society tries to make us accept that being thin is being good for yourself, it is difficult for patrols to find the right way to dress. But being in the trend while being round is possible!

Choose the right materials for your women's clothing

In women's fashion, it is possible to choose the materials that enhance our silhouette. When you are round, you should prefer fluid fabrics such as jersey for dresses and tops to avoid underlining the belly. The tight-fitting materials, on the other hand, will be reserved for trousers and jeans. For trousers, it is advisable to choose elastane, which is more comfortable and flattering and will shape your body. If you like to wear jeans, it is advisable to choose "bootcut" jeans that are slightly flared down, perfect to hide the slightly strong calves. To achieve this result, you must choose a straight and raw model because the dark-coloured trousers are ideal for thinning the leg.

Which colours should be used?

In women's fashion, to have an ideal look when you are round, you also must choose your colours carefully. It is advisable to apply colour and white to areas where you want to attract attention. For women's clothing such as skirts and pants, it is best to choose dark colours. To bring a little life to your look, it is advisable to wear red pumps. In addition to women's clothing and shoes, it is also possible to put colours on accessories that you wear such as python or leopard prints, pop colours and many others. This will give a touch of cheerfulness and originality to your look.

What to avoid

The first fashion faux pas to avoid is the short jacket which will tend to crush the chest and increase the volume of the hips. Low waist pants should also be avoided as they may come down at the slightest movement. The pockets of the lattice pants thicken the hips. Closed jackets, shiny fabrics that let everything appear, stretch fabrics that sulk, miniskirts, short tops that show the belly are all to be avoided.
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