How to choose the right wedding lingerie?

Feeling comfortable is the first rule for being desirable and beautiful. There is no point in wearing the dress of your dreams when you have embarrassing underwear. On D-Day, we are already overwhelmed by emotions and stress. It would be unfortunate to add more. It is therefore essential to wear comfortable underwear. In addition, wedding lingerie is a real ally for women. It allows to sublimate the curves and to highlight the silhouette. But how do you make the right choice?

Choose the shape of your underwear

The woman's underwear to choose for a wedding must be invisible. Thus, the selected items must fit perfectly to her wedding dress: - A bustier: for a bustier dress, the straps must never be allowed to extend beyond the straps. To ensure a good support, the ideal is to wear a bra without straps. Alternatively, the bra can also be sewn to the dress. - A backless: microfibre shells are ideal for a backless wedding dress. We stick them on the skin. Oily materials should simply not be applied before installation. For the bottom, a tanga is to be chosen. - A plunging neckline: to enhance your bust, it is advisable to adopt a push up bra. We must make sure that no pieces of fabric are visible. A tight-fitting model like a Basque is best if you have a wedding dress close to your body. Otherwise, you can also turn to a sheath.

Think about comfort

It is important to feel comfortable in your wedding outfit. It is indeed an exceptional day that deserves to be enjoyed. To do this, we start by getting comfortable women's lingerie. We must not forget that throughout the day, we must go back and forth. And even in the evening, we have the ball to have fun with our guests. All these agitations require underwear that holds up well. However, they should not interfere or scratch. Also, we leave aside a little fantasy because the goal is to be the most beautiful. We therefore prefer simplicity and make sure to wear underwear made of microfibre. It is also recommended not to change your habits to ensure your comfort. For example, it is better not to try to wear a thong if you are not used to wearing it on a daily basis.

Finding and adopting the right colour

For the bride, white is the colour par excellence. When it comes to lingerie, this colour is chosen for its romantic and pure side. However, it is not really recommended by lingerie experts. The ideal for the latter is a flesh-coloured set. The reason is simple, the nude perfectly meets the criterion of invisibility. The flesh colour is all that is perfect under a wedding dress. It is now one with the skin. To find the one that best suits your skin, simply try several shades and brands. If you like black lingerie, you must ban it on your big day. This is also the case for all other dark tones. Wearing them may reveal them to all your guests. Which is not a good thing at all. A wedding dress, although not transparent, is far from totally opaque.
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