Find a Permanent Makeup school

Permanent make-up has become more and more popular than ever, so many people want to specialize in this field. But the question remains how to find a school to learn permanent make-up?

Why take permanent make-up courses?

Permanent make-up is part of make-up techniques that aim to pigment the skin and have a long-lasting effect. It is applied using a specific device. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to obtain a make-up close to natural that can last from two to ten years. This type of make-up is popular for many reasons: Women who wear them are made up as soon as they wake up. It is no longer necessary to spend every day in front of the mirror wearing make-up before going out. In addition, this make-up can be used to hide certain visible imperfections on the face. It is also possible, thanks to this technique, to add fake moles. The important advantage of this new technique is that everyone can benefit from it. For all these reasons, permanent make-up is highly sought after by customers in beauty and aesthetics salons. However, this type of make-up requires meticulousness and precision. People who master this technique are therefore highly sought after, both by customers and beauty salons. To have a certain competence and mastery of this technique, schools like offer complete courses accessible by levels. How are the permanent make-up classes going? Training in permanent make-up is useful in several ways:
  • It allows you to master the different techniques in this type of make-up
  • Thanks to it, the make-up artist acquires the knowledge and reflexes necessary to succeed in make-up.
  • The training allows you to be up to date on the latest developments in this field as well as to know the standards.
  • It offers the possibility to master each tool.
The training can last from about three days to several days depending on the course chosen. Among the contents of the training, there may be:
  • Permanent eyebrow make-up
  • Colorimetry and corrections
  • Dermo-pigmentation
  • Micro needling
  • Basic make-up
  • Hygiene and sanitation
In addition, the courses can include different levels ranging from introductory courses to courses for anyone who wants to excel in permanent make-up. And those who have completed the training can be immediately operational. They can therefore practice permanent make-up in addition to their other services or work only as make-up artists.

How to choose a permanent make-up school?

There are several institutions that offer permanent make-up courses. Schools are more or less famous and may or may not specialize in this type of makeup. However, there are some criteria to consider in finding the right school. School experience: this criterion is very important in the choice of school because the longer the school has been open, the more experience it has. School reputation: prefer a school with a good reputation. Often in this type of school, the trainers are more experienced and have a passion for their work. The duration of the training: it must be at least 3 to 5 days to fully understand the theories and master the practices. The price of training: beware of prices that are too low and may hide unpleasant surprises. In most cases, if the price is high, it means that the equipment used during the training is offered.
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