The latest trends in women’s jewellery

What are the latest trends in women's jewellery this season? High in top fashion, necklaces, bracelets, rings are the essential accessories. Whether in fantasy among cheap jewellery or in jewellery for gold and stone jewellery, the jewellery pieces are displayed and shine more than ever on the podiums. The sure values among the trendy jewellery? The multilayer, the large pieces and the antique style are the main elements of the parades. Right away, follow the details not to be missed to make your choice in store or on a jewellery sales site like

The accumulation

Practice stacking: wear your jewellery by multiplying it. Collect the pendants or cover your fingers with double or triple rings. The little detail: the ring on the phalanx. Stack the bracelets, combining a cuff with chains. Eccentricity, extravagance and exuberance inspire creators. But be careful, choose between necklaces, bracelets or rings, otherwise beware of the Christmas tree effect! Move towards a layering of thin chains. They are of different lengths to be worn in a row. They are accompanied by a few rough stones and a short neck, always in the first row in your jewellery box. Match shapes and colours, always to avoid the overloaded effect. The colours that set the tone this season: red, green and purple. Blue is also still very popular. Remember to use and abuse asymmetry: put your bracelets on one arm and leave the other naked; wear earrings of different shapes.

The imposing

The must have: an XXL version jewel that slams, on a sober outfit. The statement is hype with large meshes on the wrist. A massive neck chain, preferably in double turn and preferably in silver, will look great on a black dress. Display a beautifully crafted ring, dress your ears with giant creoles. The earrings, on the other hand, go down to the shoulders. Do you prefer fleas with your turtleneck? Wear them in XXL, colourful version: it twists! You have understood, your oversized jewellery is the major piece of your outfit. In addition, to be a pure fashionista, you will prefer geometric shapes. Funky and pop colours are allowed. For a more sophisticated look, turn to the amber tones, also seen on the parades. For your wrists, the rush bracelets of the 80s make a remarkable comeback. They are disco in plexin, resin, glossy plastic. They are graphic, in aged silver, coloured fabric or wood.

The old one

Decorate yourself with medals engraved in patinated metal, national coins struck at the end of delicate chains. To be offered in gold plated or, for the chic, set with precious stones. Play the elegant with the old-fashioned charm of a brooch or a necklace of fine pearls, the height of femininity. Choose quality material to avoid falling into bad taste: rock crystal, Swarovski, cultured pearls, etc. If you prefer ethnic, choose jewellery of ancient inspiration: stylized breastplates and earrings from Egyptians, Indians, Turks, Greeks, Thais are ultra-trendy. Among the earrings, ear cuffs worn in mono make their comeback on the podiums. An indisputable option to keep up with the times, jewellery with a strong symbolic connotation: treat your aura with esoteric pendants decorated with snacks, charm bracelets with animal or message charms. The creators also borrowed from folklore with pompoms, acorns, leather laces (a nod to the far west), coloured feathers and furs. A piece of jewellery illuminates the face, gives character and colour to the silhouette. To follow the exuberant style of the current trend without missteps, you will be well advised to aim for the simplicity of your clothing. Your appearance will be magnified. Neutral colours, black, beige, jeans, a small fine mesh sweater are perfect. Considering the context in which you operate, keep this in mind: the more sober your outfit is, the more you can let loose on the jewellery!
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