Purchase of quality soap in Marseille

Purchase of quality soap in Marseille
You will find in this article what are the benefits of a Marseille soap, some advice on how to use it and how to recognize a real Marseille soap.

What are the benefits of a Marseille soap?

For several years, Marseille soap has been renowned for its many virtues. It is a natural and biodegradable product. Unlike other soaps, Marseille soap is made entirely from natural products, more precisely it has been made from vegetable oils. It is composed neither of animal fats, nor of colorants, nor of preservatives, nor of petrochemical products. In short, Marseille soap is a product that does not harm the environment or health. It is both antiseptic and hypoallergenic. Thanks to its relatively high pH, Marseille soap has antiseptic and hypoallergenic properties. Therefore, it is often advised by doctors to treat acne or eczema. Third, it is a natural and ecological pesticide. Mixed with water and a little garlic, Marseille soap will help you get rid of the aphids in your garden. Fourth, Marseille soap deeply cleanses the skin and controls sebum production. Fifth and lastly, mixed with sweet almond oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil and egg yolk, Marseille soap allows the hair to regain its shine and shine and above all it strengthens weakened hair. Finally, there are now many soap manufacturers in Marseille, such as Marius Fabre.

Some advice on how to use a Marseille soap

First, know that Marseille soap can be used in several areas. It can be used for washing clothes, washing hands, washing hair, washing dishes, cleaning floors, brushing teeth or showering. Attached are some tips on how to use it. - To wash dishes: if you choose liquid Marseille soap, pour a few drops on your dishes and wash them as usual. On the other hand, if you choose the soap block, rub it against a damp sponge and then wash your dishes; - To clean the floors: first, grate a block of Marseille soap in half a bucket of hot water. Then when it dissolves, start washing your floor; - To do the laundry: dissolve the Marseille soap in boiling water and then do your laundry as usual; - To brush your teeth: rub the soap on a wet toothbrush and then brush your teeth with it; - To wash hair: apply Marseille soap generously to wet hair and rinse it off.

How to recognize a real Marseille soap?

Since Marseille soap is very popular, there are several types of counterfeiting on the market today. Thus, to recognize a real Marseille soap, please take into consideration the following criteria: - Ingredients: A real Marseille soap is generally composed of saponified olive oil, water, caustic soda, salt, glycerin and saponified copra oil. Beware of Marseille soaps containing saponified palm oil, saponified beef fat, colourings, preservatives, perfumes and stabilisers because they are counterfeit, and these soaps are of poor quality; - The shape: the faces of the real Marseille soap are stamped. It is generally cubic but can also be in the form of a bar; - Colour: the colour of real Marseille soap can vary according to the brands but in general it must be olive green, pale green, creamy white or brown; - The origin: a real Marseille soap is made in France; - The manufacturing method: it must be cooked in a cauldron; - The smell: the smell of a real Marseille soap is strong; - Another criterion: Marseille soap foams relatively little.
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