Mineral stones properties on body and spirit

Mineral stones

Mother Earth produces a countless number of mineral stones over the years. Each of the stone properties listed below provides some healing magic for our bodies and souls. The crust is made of rocks of different characteristics. Each of these stones has tiny crystals with a specific molecule structure with atoms that are always in motion. This causes each stone to emit a different vibration that offers some physical and spiritual healing. They interact with our energy signature thereby, affecting our overall wellbeing. Here are some of the popular types and their properties.


Selenite is a popular stone that can be found in ancient evaporated seas around the world. The stone is common in countries like Mexico, Greece, the USA and Australia. It is also known as Satin Spar because of the milky sheen that illuminates its surface. Mexican selenites are most popular for wellness as they are long and clear. One good thing about the mineral rock is that it does not need any charging for it to be used to cleanse other minerals. The stone acts as a conduit to the highest conscious level and has infinite metaphysical properties, including the universe, spirit guides and intuition. It connects us to the spirit world where we know where we were coming from and where we go. Besides, it clears energy blockages that may be on the way for the promotion of purity and honesty. This way, you are able to get a connection to the third eye. On the physical, the stone is used during meditation to bring inner peace, deal with stress and anxiety.

The Moonstone: stabilising Properties

Moonstones are natural stones that are linked to the feminine and the celestial body, the moon. In the ancient Greek methodology, the moon was a goddess of sensuality and fertility. This feminine energy makes it a popular stone in strengthening intuition and harmony within. Meditate with moonstone during the new moon for your next month’s goals, dreams and aspirations. Repeat a similar ritual during the full moon to reenergise your resolve to meeting your goals. Ancient Indians used it as the stone of gods, regal and sacred. Today, the stone serves as a conduit to the universe at large or other worlds. It is also used to manage ego and combat materialism. Physically, the stone aids in digestion and pituitary gland functions. It is also used to alleviate water retention, obesity, menstrual and hormonal problems. Women have used it over centuries to balance their hormones especially during menopause and puberty. It also helps deal with irregular menstrual cycles.

Agate: allows you some inner Stability

This varied stone is available in different colours. There are also clear and banded variations of the stone. All of them can be used for physical and spiritual healing. This stone embodies the inner world in a number of ways. First, it helps raise self-awareness as well as help stabilise the aura. Second, it is a powerful spirit conduit and transforms the negative energy in our bodies to positive bodies. It also deals with a lack of self-confidence, heals fits of anger and emotional stability. Other stone virtues include relieving stress and soothing after mentally demanding activities, such as brainstorming. The blue lace type also helps people who have problems speaking their minds or making tough decisions. It is also a confidence builder and supports one when he or she is overwhelmed by responsibilities. Physically, the stone helps improve our mental function along with clarity of thoughts and concentration. Therefore, it can be used before setting for a vital test, an interview or when you need to communicate your thoughts to a loved one.

Aventurine and Alexandrite: opportunity and Confidence Stones

Aventurine is known to amplify abundance, luck and prosperity. It is the stone to carry with you when heading to a casino to gamble. You can also use it when looking for business opportunities or applying for job vacancies. In addition, the stone is connected with the Heart Chakra. This allows it to create a sense of emotional calm and a sense of general well-being. It also harmonises the emotional bodies, the body and mind. It also balances the three states of our wellbeing. Physically, the stone supports energy circulation and blood and heart rates. It can speed up recovery after illness, injury or surgery. On the other hand, Alexandrite is a gemstone that was discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains by Alexander II, hence the name. It is a rare gem, often used in natural stone jewellery. The stone is primarily used to raise one’s confidence and balance emotions. It also improves self-esteem. These properties help bring about self-transformation. This is one of the litho therapy stones that are used to help bring feelings of happiness, love and sensuality. It is also powerful in enhancing regeneration after a traumatising event. Physically, the stone helps improve the function of the pancreas. It also has a positive impact on the nervous system. It is stone to use when you cannot concentrate or feel confused about an event such as tests, which is mentally demanding. You can use more than a single stone at the same time to help amplify your vibrations and increase your spiritual and physical benefits.

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