How to use tarot cards to guide daily decision-making


Most people have at least heard about psychics and what they do, even though they have never visited one. However, fewer individuals know about tarot cards and the interpretation of their readings. If the whole concept of tarot cards is unfamiliar to you, will go a long way in providing some useful fundamental insights to get you started.

Tarot Cards

Tarot is a deck of cards used in divining. It is believed that tarot practitioners use the cards to obtain cognizance of the present, past, and future. They make inquiries, draw cards from the pack and then interpret. This practice was quite common between the 15th and the 18th century but even so, there are numerous tarot card enthusiasts in the contemporary world.

Some view tarot reading as a joke while others are skeptical about this practice, regarding it as some sort of dark magic. Therefore, some who find it beneficial might be hesitant to talk about it openly, perhaps to avoid being ridiculed. Luckily, this has not stopped them from gaining insights and using the readings to help them especially in making vital decisions.

Role Of Tarot Cards in Decision Making

It is often assumed that readings from tarot cards direct people to a particular direction and define for them the exact path to follow. However, this is not always the case. The readings shed more light on the existing alternatives and make it easier to make a more rational decision on the path to select. The final decision is not just clearly laid out. 

Rather, it is arrived at after multiple insights are presented to you through the readings. However, tarot cards can be quite subjective. Every card represents a particular meaning. As such, some people entirely rely on the readings to make decisions. Contrary to this, others only use the card readings as one of the many other decision-making factors that should be considered. 

All the same, you should keep in mind that there is no conventional way as to how the readings should be used. We all have distinct preferences and ought to do what is aligned to what we find fulfilling. We can now take a look at how these readings may have a role to play in our choices. Here are a few cards from tarot reading on that can help in making decisions:

Tarot Cards reading

  1. The ace of swords – Implies that you have recently gathered new information that changes your judgment and aids you in making a definitive decision.
  2. Queen of swords – Harsh as it may be, the card prompts you to trust your mind more than your heart when making that particular decision and follow through with the choice you make.
  3. Two swords – When presented with two options that equally appear viable, it is difficult letting go of either. This card encourages you to seek more information, to enhance your clarity.
  4. Judgment – Often during an assessment of the things we have done in the past, the judgment card tells us that we need to decide on the things we should either begin, continue or stop doing.
  5. Seven cups – When presented with multiple alternatives, it is strenuous selecting the ideal one. The seven cards encourage us to make a decision as soon as we can, relying on the opportunities already at our disposal and the knowledge available to us currently.

Listed above are only five of the most common cards used for making decisions. When you visit, there are more decision-making cards, all of which have a different interpretation. For the cards you select, you can be sure that at least one of them will come in handy to solve your indecisiveness.

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