How to properly dose your e-liquid?

How to properly dose your e-liquid
Although the e-liquid offer is large and varied, more and more vaporizers are seduced by the idea of being able to customize their electronic cigarette liquid. The trend is towards DIY, because it allows you to obtain unique tastes and sensations. However, to successfully customize your spray liquid, you must not make mistakes in the dosage of the main ingredients. This applies to the base as well as to the flavours and nicotine booster.

E-liquid, PG/VG dosing

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are the two substances that form the basis of an e-liquid. You can easily find them online, for example on the website. The first is a flavour enhancer. It favours the Hit, that feeling of scratching in the throat appreciated by many steamers. The second allows the vaporization of the liquid in the cigarette and promotes the production of steam. The total of the PG/VG ratio must always be 100%. But the dosage of the two components will not be the same from one vaporizer to another according to preferences. For a good restitution of flavours and a powerful hit, a 70/30 dosage is recommended. But if you like large clouds of steam, a 30/70 dosage will be more appropriate. As the liquid is thick, your electronic cigarette must be adapted. For a good compromise between hit, flavour and steam, the recommended dosage is 50/50.

E-liquid, dosage of flavours

As you can see on Monday, in the manufacture of an e-liquid it is not only the base that is important. Admittedly, it alone constitutes more than 90% of the final product obtained, but other ingredients are necessary in the personalization of its elixir. This is the case with aroma. The dosage of this element depends on the capacity of the empty bottle, but also and especially on the PG/VG ratio. Thus, if the PG/VG base of your e-liquid is between 70/30 and 60/40 and your empty bottle has a capacity of 10 ml, the amount of flavouring should not exceed 1 ml. For a base therefore the ratio PG/VG goes from 50/50 to 0/100, at equal capacity the dosage of the aroma must not exceed 2 ml. You can mix several flavours but be careful not to add more than enough.

E-liquid, nicotine booster dosage

Nicotine boosters appeared on the market in 2017 as a result of the application of tobacco product regulations. Since sales of nicotine bases larger than 10 ml are now prohibited, manufacturers have developed nicotine boosters. This solution allows DIY enthusiasts to continue to manufacture large quantities of liquid with the nicotine level that meets their needs. It is mixed with a PG/VG base that does not contain nicotine. The right dosage of nicotine is quite delicate. Too little you will be in need, and in case of overdose your health can suffer. It is therefore useful to do some mathematical calculations. In order to facilitate the task for the steamers, various platforms give the possibility to perform these calculations simply and quickly. By doing so, you are also certain that you will not obtain incorrect results. Now that you know how to dose your e-liquid correctly, you need to have the right e-cigarette to vaporize with pleasure. If necessary, click here to find purchasing tips.
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