Girl and woman: how to organize the contents of your bag?

Finding your phone when it rings or your keys when you go home or when you open your car can take time if you have a large bag and its contents are poorly organized. It is then necessary to think about improving the organization of the contents of your bag.

Permanent objects to have necessary

Permanent objects are objects that you must always have in your bag. Permanent communication objects such as telephones, diary, address book, etc. should not be forgotten. For personal care, you must bring a make-up bag containing blushes, glosses, lipsticks, foundations, tissues, etc. Do not forget to put your means of payment in your purse in cash or with credit cards but also your identity documents. The keys of daily use must not be set aside. The ideal for a handbag would be to have good pockets for permanent objects: pockets for keys, zipped pockets for payment methods and "girl stuff", etc.

Temporary objects not to be forgotten

In addition to permanent objects, a handbag must also contain temporary objects. These objects are called temporary because they are not necessarily present in a handbag but are added to it to adapt to daily life depending on the circumstances. For a trip with children, the handbag should contain useful objects for children such as sweets, pens, crayons and a small notebook, wipes, drawn dressings, etc. A handbag can also contain seasonal items such as sunglasses, hand cream in winter. Not to mention transit items such as a spare sticker, the book you are reading, the envelope you are going to mail, etc.

Tips and tricks to keep a good organization

In order to always keep a good organization in your handbag, there are some tips and tricks to apply. To do this, it is necessary to do a small review every evening to remove unnecessary things such as parking tickets, credit card, chewing gum packaging, used tissues and add the necessary items for the next day.  
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