Beauty tip: choose the right make-up

All women want their makeup to be perfect without any imperfections, but this does not prevent them from buying products that are not at all suitable for them. Making this mistake is not a rare thing. But what then should you consider when choosing your make-up?

How to choose the right foundation?

For dry skin, it is recommended to choose a foam foundation that has a light texture that will enhance the skin without drying it out. For combination and oily skin, it is preferable to choose a powder foundation as it has a mattifying effect. However, the fluid foundation is suitable for all skin types. It ensures an even, matt complexion and remains light enough to give a very natural effect. In addition, the foundation in stick mode, which is very thick, has the power to quickly correct imperfections and redness but tends to suffocate the skin.

Blush and tinted cream

One of the must-have products in the make-up industry is blush and tinted cream. Even if tinted cream is less covering than foundation, it is lighter, more discreet and easier to use. Its role is to even out the complexion but is not enough to hide imperfections. To achieve a nude make-up, it is advisable to opt for BB Cream. This last trend in make-up is very advantageous since it serves both as a tinted cream and a moisturizing cream and evens out the complexion while concealing imperfections. As for blush, it is the last step in a successful make-up. It is applied to the cheeks and cheekbones to restore a healthy glow and sculpt the face. Blush comes in several colours: pink, beige, brown, orange, ... It must then be chosen according to its skin colour.

Which make-up brushes for which uses?

For each make-up product to be applied there is a dedicated make-up brush. For example, to apply a fluid foundation evenly over the entire face, a flat makeup brush with foundation applicator is recommended. To successfully apply a blush, you need a wide and thick powder brush that works with all types of powder.
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