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Is shopping good for health?

Shopping is an excellent activity to be on a good shape. When you are shopping, you can walk, going to different stores, see different colours, talk to girls to help you making hard choices… you spend about 390 calories and feel happy.

Do-it-yourself makeup

Take advantage of expert tips and tricks available at any women’s lifestyle magazine to learn how to use make up perfectly.

Shopping: an activity to be done all the time

What to put in your small handbag

What to put in your small handbag?

Nowadays, women can trade their large bags filled with items useful in their daily lives for a smaller one: the handbag.
The benefits of organic products

The benefits of organic products

In order to make the most of the benefits of natural products, most women opt for organic cosmetics.
What are the essential items to have

What are the essential items to have?

The essential items found in a girl's bag are a laptop, tissues, wallet, make-up, mirror...
Important things for a mother

Important things for a mother!

When a woman has children, she should always have wipes, diapers, a colouring book and a snack in her bag.
Why and how to do a facial treatment

Why and how to do a facial treatment?

Our skin is constantly attacked by pollution that surrounds us. To make your skin radiant, you should take good care of it.
Women's fashion red shoes

Women's fashion: red shoes?

Each woman must have in her wardrobe, at least, a pair of red shoes. This kind of shoe is very trendy.

Well-being, cosmetics, organic....

Practical advice and daily actions to be beautiful.

Skin products

Organic beauty products are suitable for all skin types, they are less aggressive and more nutritious and protective.

Why relaxing is important?

It is a way to get rid of anxiety and fatigue and to cure certain diseases.

How to lose weight?

Avoid drinking soft drinks, alcohol and beer. Choose fruits and vegetables.

Sleep and beauty

You need to have a regular sleep rhythm, but you shouldn't wake up late to stay beautiful.

Beauty and fashion

A moisturizing cream especially for the hands, mattifying leaves, a few make-up removers’ wipes, a perfume, a lip balm… are essential for any woman at any time and in any place. For more products and tips, you can visit The Fashion Quarter and learn more about beauty techniques!

A woman will always have a large bag with several items that she considers essential. What is certain is that she will always have the right items for an emergency and for the unexpected. A beauty kit often contains a lipstick, a small mirror, an antibacterial bottle, a flexible hairbrush, a mascara, a mini deodorant…

A woman must possess all the tools she needs to make herself look as beautiful as she wants and learn the different tricks to make her life easy: baby powder for large eyelashes, a toothbrush for frizz, eyebrow spray… Organic products are increasingly used because some cosmetic products contain ingredients to avoid.

Beauty and fashion